A Positive Attitude Is Contagious

Entrepreneurs and business leaders know that the attitude they project at the office will trickle down to the staff — whether positive or negative. If you want to motivate your staff to high levels of excellence, you need to begin that by projecting a positive attitude.

As the business owner, your staff looks up to you and takes its clues from the way you embrace the day and the tasks at hand. If you’re grumbling, you can bet they will be as well.  You need to lead by example; if you’re not having a good day, that will be reflected on your staff and will filter down to their interactions with your clients.

What can you do to foster that good feeling at work? Here are three things to try: A

  1. Be excited about what you do and share that excitement. If you start the day with enthusiastic vigor your actions will be contagious! When you’re talking to clients or staff, make sure your enthusiasm shows through in your words, be animated.
  2. Make sure your staff knows and understands the company vision and mission and how what they do on a daily basis helps to achieve them.  Inspire your staff by marking off milestones that they have helped to achieve in the mission and vision by sharing the successes with them.
  3. Say thank you and I appreciate you to those staff members who are truly excelling. Say please and thank you when you ask an employee to take on a new project — sure they’re getting paid for the work, but a please and a thank you go a long way in fostering a positive work attitude.

Bottom line? Being a positive leader will help your team reach its goals and can also foster a more positive workplace atmosphere. What can you do today to inspire through your attitude?