Are You A Business Innovator?

Do you have to be a billion dollar start up to be innovative? No. In fact, you may be an innovator in your particular field and work your way to being a billion dollar company. The trick is to get started.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to be considered an innovator, what can you do? Here are a few examples that may propel you toward success:

  1. Break the rules
  2. Dream big
  3. Take chances. Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done
  4. Open doors you may not have tried previously
  5. Be a trusted business partner
  6. Don’t be afraid to fail
  7. Pay your successes forward

“They” say that when you’ve made it to the top, you should send the elevator back down! What steps can you do today to be an innovator?