Life Work Balance

Balance Is The Secret To Success

Work/Life Balance Is Crucial To Success

When you’re just starting a business you will put in more hours than you had likely even imagined. If, however, your business has been up and running for a while and you still find yourself working an inordinate amount of hours including nights, holidays and weekends, it’s time to step back and reprioritize.

As an entrepreneur it is important that you’re involved in your business but you don’t have to be busy 24/7. You need to separate yourself from your business endeavors and get back in touch with your life outside of the office. If that means you need to look at the tasks you’re doing that are outside of your core competency you may need to hire or outsource those tasks.

Remember that just because you’re constantly busy doesn’t mean you’re continually productive. In fact, if you’re always in “business mode” you will burn out.

How can you retake control of your business and get back to having a life? Here are our suggestions:
• Clearly defined business goals will help you keep on the path toward success. If you don’t know what needs to be done daily, weekly or monthly to achieve success (whatever that means for you) you will never know if you’ve arrived.
• Set personal goals for yourself. These goals could be as simple as “step away from the computer for lunch,” “go for a walk every evening,” “visit with friends,” etc. Setting personal goals and putting them in your calendar just as you would any appointment will help improve your work/life balance.
• Make a to-do list daily. At the end of each business day, write a list for the following day. Your to-do list will keep you focused and keep your eyes on your goals.
Because you are the heart of the business, you need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle so you can perform at your peak.