Be A Social Media Giver

If you’ve spent any time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you have seen the individuals who only post what we refer to as self-serving, buy-me posts. We call those individuals social media leeches and that is something you don’t want to be.

When it comes to social media you want to be a social media giver. How can you do that? There are at least three ways that we have come up with and they are:

  1. Share the information of others. Facebook loves it, and you, when you share the links that others have posted on their pages. Also, when you’re sharing that link, you are helping a colleague get his or her name known and they may return the favor.
  2. Be part of the conversation. Social media should be just that — social. Comment on the posts of others. Yes, it’s easy enough to give a post a “thumbs up” but it’s even better to write a few words on why you’re liking it.
  3. Your posts should be a ratio of 80% sharing good information that makes you the go-to person for your particular area of expertise to 20% buy-me posts. Yes, you want to let people know that you have goods or services to sell, but they will know that simply by the fact of your being online posting because they will see your name.

What can you do to be a social media giver?