Business Lessons Mom Taught Us

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day and this got us to thinking of the life lessons she taught us. Chances are, Mom was your first (and perhaps) best teacher.  As we matured and moved into adulthood and business ownership, there are some Mom-approved life lessons we can use in our businesses.

Here are some of the lessons we share:

  • Ask questions in a nonjudgmental and sincere manner.  Don’t focus on the perfect answer but instead on the information provided by the person you’re speaking with.
  • Be a good listener.  If you listen and are emotionally engaged, you will gain an understanding and likely come to a solution.
  • Did your mom have great maternal instincts? Did she always seem to know whether you were lying or you were hurting? Did she always find a way to keep you on track or get you back on track? Utilize her attention to detail in your business endeavors and chances are you will go far!

Are there lessons you learned at a young age that you still use today?