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Manage Your Day For Productivity

How Do You Manage Your Day?

We all get the same 24 hours every day, but how many times do you get to the end of your day wonder, “Where did the day go?” and that leads to, “What did I accomplish?” Once the hours are gone you’ve lost that commodity.

Chances are, if your day is getting away from you, it’s because you didn’t have a plan. Without a to-do list it’s easy to waste time on tasks that aren’t meaningful. With a to-do list you can mark off tasks you’ve completed, celebrate the milestones and also uncover those times when you haven’t accomplished what you set out to do?

Three ways to manage your time and keep tasks moving forward:
• Determine your top three priorities for your day
• Set a timer for 30 minutes
• Work on your first priority for those 30 minutes, reset the timer and go onto the second (and so on) You will be amazed at what you can do if you know you’re under a self-imposed time constraint

To add even more value to those three steps:
• Work on top priorities first. It’s easy to check off the simple tasks and leave the more difficult ones hanging over your head but that just drains your energy. Even if you can’t complete the entire task in 30 minutes, you will at least have made a dent.
• Put up a “do not disturb” sign. Even if you work from home you need to limit your interruptions whether from phone calls, emails or family issues.
• Once the timer has gone off, move onto the second task even if your first has not been completed; this will incentivize you to go back to that task and continue on with it.
Imagine the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have knowing that you have tackled three of your top priorities.

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