Provide A Great Customer Experience

There are times when customer service just isn’t what you had hoped for when you’re shopping or even when you’re dealing with another business colleague. What is wrong with people today you may wonder? With this in mind, you need to make certain that both you and your staff continually provide stellar customer service in all interactions with clients and potential clients.

Here are our top tips for providing a great customer experience:

  1. Answer your telephone. Business owners need to make it a practice to answer their phones during business hours. If a client has taken the time to call you, you should have the courtesy to not make him or her wade through a phone menu to get to you.
  2. Listen to your customers. They may be telling you something and if you’re not listening you may miss out on an opportunity to further serve them.
  3. Under-promise. Over-deliver.
  4. You don’t have to be everything to everyone, but if a client asks for assistance in an area for which you’re not proficient, make a few calls to colleagues (they will thank you for it!) and make an introduction. You will have helped your client and your colleague.
  5. Provide an add-on service or product. Just as infomercials promise “but that’s not all” if you buy one of their products, so too should you offer something additional — if possible to your clients.

What steps can you take today to provide a better customer experience?