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Business Reports That Matter

When social media was first “taking off” everyone touted the numbers of followers and likes they had on their Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn pages, but did those numbers matter? Were those people engaged with you and your content? Chances are some were, but there were those that were not.

In everything you do in your business you should be tracking your numbers and your successes as well as your failures. But to make it valid and to make those numbers mean something, you need to track the correct ones.

After you’ve set a goal, here are some numbers you may want to monitor:

  1. The time frame for your goal, broken down into measurable, actionable items. Track whether those goals are being met.
  2. What numbers actually mean success? Is it dollars? Numbers of new clients? Additional engaged followers on your social media pages? More clicks on your newsletter? Once you choose the numbers, it’s best to put a dollar value to them. Why? You’re in business to make money, right?
  3. Compare the goals you’ve set with the goals you’ve met. It doesn’t do any good to set a goal if you’re not checking in to see if you’re achieving the results you’d set for yourself.

What are you measuring? Are you following up to make sure they are numbers that make sense? We work with clients to help them set goals and targets. If you need assistance, contact us.

5 Ways To Get Your Blog & Website Found

Business owners today need a web presence in order to compete. However, simply building a website doesn’t guarantee that:

  • You will be found or
  • That your ideal clients will be the ones who visit your site… but

If you’re taking the time and putting in the effort to have a website and a blog constructed you need to know what steps to take to make sure your site is search engine optimized. Here are our best practice tips to make that happen:

  1. Research your business’s keywords. Take a step back and ask yourself, “if a potential client is looking for me what search terms will he use to find me?” Work those terms into your website and blog posts.
  2. Make sure you title your blog posts so that your keywords show up in the URL; this helps search engines find you.
  3. Put time and thought into the crafting of your title and make sure keywords are being added to it.
  4. You don’t need to go keyword heavy. In fact, don’t use keywords unless they make sense and sound natural in a sentence. The rule of thumb should be no more than three keywords or keyword phrases per post — be aware though that Google changes its algorithms frequently and this is subject to change.
  5. Add an image to your posts. The image should make sense with the copy you’re writing. You should also include at least one outbound link and include a link that also drives traffic back to information on your site that relates to the post.

How often do you blog and do you find it is helping your website visibility? If you’re stumped, give us a call.

Be A Social Media Giver

If you’ve spent any time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn¬†you have seen the individuals who only post what we refer to as self-serving, buy-me posts. We call those individuals social media leeches and that is something you don’t want to be.

When it comes to social media you want to be a social media giver. How can you do that? There are at least three ways that we have come up with and they are:

  1. Share the information of others. Facebook loves it, and you, when you share the links that others have posted on their pages. Also, when you’re sharing that link, you are helping a colleague get his or her name known and they may return the favor.
  2. Be part of the conversation. Social media should be just that — social. Comment on the posts of others. Yes, it’s easy enough to give a post a “thumbs up” but it’s even better to write a few words on why you’re liking it.
  3. Your posts should be a ratio of 80% sharing good information that makes you the go-to person for your particular area of expertise to 20% buy-me posts. Yes, you want to let people know that you have goods or services to sell, but they will know that simply by the fact of your being online posting because they will see your name.

What can you do to be a social media giver?

Build Your Business and Its Social Presence

Social media is an ideal way to quickly interact and connect with clients and potential clients. Social media, however, has the potential to suck you in, not let go and you’ll find you’ve wasted several hours on the social networking sites and have nothing productive to show for it.

Used correctly, social media is an ideal way to nurture relationships and grow your business is a more cost effective and far reaching manner than most other types of advertising or marketing will. Social media should be part of your overall marketing plan and here are five of the top platforms that many business owners use:

  1. Pinterest. This is an ideal site to use if you have a business that is very visual — think cake decorator or wedding planner, photographer or dog groomer. If you’re an accountant or a banker, you may not have images that are as visually appealing and Pinterest is all about the visuals.
  2. Facebook. This is the one social media site that practically everyone knows about and millions of people use daily. If you have a business, it may behoove you to have a business page. A Facebook business page is an ideal location for you to share company news and events, promote new products, monitor the conversations others are having about your business and research the hot topics in your industry.
  3. Google+. This is a platform that combines many of the nuances of Twitter and Facebook and allows you to connect with people and invite them into your Circles. You can easily connect with individuals outside of your Circles as well. ¬†While this is still a “new-ish” platform it is a Google product which means you can hashtag and use keywords to make your business posts more searchable.
  4. LinkedIn. Consider this the business network. It is not likely that you will find someone posting a picture of their breakfast on this site. This is a great place to build connections both within and outside of your industry and to connect with people who are connected to people you know. To effectively use this, congratulate followers on new jobs or anniversaries, share an update that a connection has written, join groups of interest and get involved in the conversations there.
  5. Twitter. This is a fast moving social network that allows you to follow people in an “open source” way — what this means is that you don’t have to have permission to follow them — they don’t have to follow you back though. To make effective use of this platform you will want to share and reshare the posts of those you follow, reply and comment on Tweets, thank individuals who have followed you and favorite those posts that really hit home.

As with anything, you need to determine where your target market is gathering and make use of that platform to reach them.