Who Is Your Ideal Client?

As business coaches we work with clients regularly that have no defined idea of who their ideal client is. In order to enhance your business’s bottom line, you need to identify your ideal client. Why? Because if you’re chasing clients that simply aren’t a fit or marketing on social media sites or even local newspapers or radio stations but don’t understand whether your demographic is listening or reading, you are negatively impacting your bottom line.

How can you pull together a picture of your ideal client?

  1. Narrow your niche. If your niche is too broad, you are not fully focusing on clients that might be right in front of you. Remember, you can’t be all things to all people to determine which niche market you want to focus on then target your efforts there.

  2. Who is using your services right now? Do your current clients fall into a particular market segment? If so, they may be your ideal client or they may have characteristics of what your ideal client should look like.

  3. Who do you enjoy working with? If you aren’t thrilled with the clients you’re pursuing that will show in the work you do for them. Find clients that fit your company’s vision and mission and those who value who you are and what you do for them – that is part of the entire focus for finding your ideal client.

If you pursue a particular market but ultimately decide they aren’t your ideal client, step back, regroup then refocus. Your business can be a continual work in progress as long as it’s continually moving forward.